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Freakstock in an other area!

Freakstock motto 2009 “Cross your heart”

We are in the army now!
No, we did not become a paramilitary Festival. We found a new home in some old barracks. Because, let’s be honest, after 12 long and beautiful years between nice baroque towers, horse dung and tents on the Boxberg in Gotha it is time for something new. We were already able to sleepwalk from one tent to the next on the horse race, because we knew so well where the rocket club and the coffee tent was and honestly to build up your tent at the same place every time was also boring in the long run.

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24/7 Prayer – Ibiza Shortterm Mission

Ibiza is a small, but beautiful Spanish Mediterranean island, often known as the party capital of Europe.

24-7 Ibiza works predominantly in the West End of San Antonio, an area that claims to have more bars and clubs per square mile than anywhere else in Europe.

We see open drug taking, binge drinking, people vomiting or collapsed in the street, fights, nudity, people having sex in public places…… but in all this, we see broken people who need to be cared for and deserve the chance to experience God, who loves them individually and passionately.


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Free Label-Sampler

Handmade Overkill, the label for Christian punk and hardcore have published their first sampler: eight bands including White Flags Burning (former Suspekt) with 15 songs all in all. If you want to download it for free you can find it under: www.handmadeoverkill.com.
Also for free you can find the debut-EP of the latest addition of the HO-Family: Cleophus play traditional Rock. Listen to it under: www.cleophusrock.com

JFI: Donations Welcome

According to the Freaks-Report from December 2008, the financial situation of the association is tight but balanced, which is why the leadership-team is trying to cut down on expenses. However it is very difficult to plan regular expenses as a lot of regular donations are no longer coming in. If you feel this is for you and you might consider donating anything to, even with a monthly contribution it would be very welcome. Please transfer donations for our general work to our German bank account: JFI e.V., Hamburger Sparkasse, Konto: 1280144153, BLZ: 20050550

Drug Addiction Counselor Looking for Donations

One concern of our leadership-team is the work that Eddy Verdieck is doing with drug addicts. Only half of his small salary of just 400€ is covered by regular donations. If you want to support him, please donate to: Jesus Freaks Stiftung, Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft eG, Konto: 3502511, BLZ: 52060410, cause: Drogenarbeit.
If you want to know more about what Eddy is doing take a look here: www.jesusfreaks-drogenarbeit.de.tl

The new sick messenger is online


*** On the streets
What are Christian doing to help disadvantaged people? Read about projects with homeless people, prisoners, junkies or children in Germany and the United States.

*** I have a dream
Alice writes about her dream: A journey to China. Ernsti's dream already became true: He built up the first Christian nursery in Belgium.

*** Jesus Freaks Germany

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Freakstock In Credit / Freakstock im Plus

Thanks to many donations and a tax refund, the Freakstock account is
settled again. As Henrik Begemann explained at the JFD meeting, the
festival might even go to the next round with a basic lay-out of 10,000
Euros. That amount is required for financing necessary purchases and
organizing the whole thing. Begemann thanked all givers and collectors:
Spontaneously, on the last day of Freakstock, the Freakstock stewards
had kindly stopped all departing cars in order to ask for feedback on
Freakstock and a donation. From this alone, almost 2000 euros accrued.

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FAQ in Forum

Frequently Asked Questions
If you are having trouble with using this webpage or just have a question: Post it in the FAQ section on the Forum. There will be an answer soon…

Deutsch: häufig gestellte Fragen
Wenn du Schwierigkeiten mit der Webseite oder einfach eine Frage hast, dann schreib sie ins Forum in die FAQ Sektion. Dort bekommst du relativ schnell eine Antwort…

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