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Obadja has broken up

The heartcoreband Obadja has broken up, according to a statement by Dominik, Julian and Robby, (you can read about this on the Obadja-hompage) because band member Frede has joined the Wort+Geist-movement (word-and-spirit-movement). On the Obadja-Myspace-page Frede confirms the breakup. The new album will be released despite this development because the songs were recorded before the breakup.

Deaconry team for Germany elected at Willo Freak

The deaconry team, which is part of the new leadership team for Jesus Freaks Germany has been elected on May 23rd 2009 at the Willo Freak in Borgentreich by all regional and section leaders present. The deaconry team consists of a managing-committee and an overview team, called Ü-Team [overview team, in German – Übersichtsteam]. They have been initiated and blessed together with the rest of the leadership team made up of the regional and section leaders. So the new leadership team does not only consist of three people, as it used to, but about 35 people.

Mirko S. somlemnly released from his office for JFI

After 15 years in the leadership of the Jesus Freaks movement, Mirko S.has solemnly been released from his office. The participants of Willo Freak blessed him good-bye and wished him very well for the future. Martin Dreyer, founder of the movement, honoured Sander as an enduring and very creative leader with a great talent for organisation. In return for his work, some members of the movement handed him a voucher for a visit to his favourite distillery in England. To get there from the airport, he will be granted to drive a rented Jaguar – an old dream of his.

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The Sick Messenger 2/2009 is out now

Hello folks,

the The Sick Messenger No. 2/2009 is out now:


*** Leadership
Being free and still being led – how does that sound to you?
What kind of feelings arise in your heart when you think about
leadership? This Sick Messenger deals with questions about Jesus
Freaks and leadership. Have a look at various models and read what the council‘s structure team thinks about leadership in our movement.

*** Church Portrait

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Making the Messenger More Beautiful

The Sick Messenger from now
on has its own pool, a pool
of layouters. Every person
gifted with creativity can join
it. Graphic artists, designers,
photographers or hobby
designers. Together they shall
design the face of the Messenger more diversely and
attractively. For more information and registration, you can e-mail [dkb_lektorin [at] gmx [.] de]

Willo Freak 2009

Every year there's Christmas, Freakstock and our cosy family reunion, also known under the die hard name of Willo Freak. And because 2009 definitely is a year, it's happening again from May 21st thru 24th:

Willo Freak in Borgentreich near Kassel, a new, grand venue with a very own bed for everyone! And all this for cheapish 60 EUR for participants and 30 EUR for volunteers.

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Freakstock in an other area!

Freakstock motto 2009 “Cross your heart”

We are in the army now!
No, we did not become a paramilitary Festival. We found a new home in some old barracks. Because, let’s be honest, after 12 long and beautiful years between nice baroque towers, horse dung and tents on the Boxberg in Gotha it is time for something new. We were already able to sleepwalk from one tent to the next on the horse race, because we knew so well where the rocket club and the coffee tent was and honestly to build up your tent at the same place every time was also boring in the long run.

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24/7 Prayer – Ibiza Shortterm Mission

Ibiza is a small, but beautiful Spanish Mediterranean island, often known as the party capital of Europe.

24-7 Ibiza works predominantly in the West End of San Antonio, an area that claims to have more bars and clubs per square mile than anywhere else in Europe.

We see open drug taking, binge drinking, people vomiting or collapsed in the street, fights, nudity, people having sex in public places…… but in all this, we see broken people who need to be cared for and deserve the chance to experience God, who loves them individually and passionately.


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