Invitation Willo 2010

It’s time again, time for Willofreak! From the 13th to the 16th of May 2010 the family is gathering, like last year at the new Freakstock venue – beds for everyone, family rooms for everyone with kids.
There will be plenty of possibilities to be creative: If you would like to offer a workshop please contact us: . If you want to help and work as “staff” of Willo then register as MA (staff). You’ll find the registration here:

Take your heels – and cannonball! – That’s the motto!

Jesus Freaks were never known to be particularly impressed by signs like „No splash diving“ or „Please swim clockwise“. On the contrary: when we landed in the big Christian paddling pool, it was with a head-on cannonball and we have made waves that roll till this day. Even if we have learnt not to jump right on people’s heads or necks in the meantime, we still appreciate a good cannonball and are still keen on making waves. Could this possibly be connected to the fact that we have a God whom the lifeguards of this world would certainly have banned from the swimming pool? A God who likes a good wave and prefers a lot of motion to static aquarobics? After the Willo we will know more, and if everything goes well we will continue to splash dive without bathing cap.

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